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One of the most important questions to ask yourself if you are looking for a Call Recording Solution is; what do I need?

When choosing a recording solution you need to think about how you want to record, where you want to record and what you want to record.

The questions below will help you to identify the correct solution. Your answers together with other important information like available budget and special wishes will be the basis for an advice on a Call Recording solution for your situation.
  • Which type of telephone line do you have? Analogue, ISDN2 (So), ISDN30 (E1), Digital internal line, VoIP, TDM, Mobile.
  • Should everything on this line be recorded ?
  • Is privacy an issue? (Should the calls be encrypted or is password protection enough?)
  • Should calls be archived for backup purposes?
  • Should the user have the possibility to decide what to record and what not?
  • Where should the recorder be connected? (On the outside line (trunkside) or on the users desk / telephone)
  • Why do you want to make recordings ? (Training, Security issues, Call management, Other reasons)
  • How long should the recordings be available ?
  • Do you want to process or e-mail recordings?

Like with many other things, call recording deals with a lot of possible exceptions. Therefore feel free to contact our Sales department or Support to help you.